We live toward events — Christmas, graduation, marriage,  a new baby, a vacation, a dinner, a movie.

This summer I’m looking forward to some lazy days at the beach. In the fall, I’m looking forward to going to Boston. Next year I hope to celebrate the opening of our new courtyard at church.

And yet the bulk of time, for me and everyone, is in between. The mass and weight and stretch and bend of ordinary time — the time that exists before and after planned, traditional events — is also worthy of being loved and lived for.

We see it not. In between — or what we think of as in between — we tend to drudge. We poke through the present. We endurer the workday. We get through the night. We lean toward the future with a biased eye, as if the present were itself not eventful.

And yet, what is true is that no time is in between time. The present moment is always in itself an event — voluable, celebratory, sentient, real, semantic, phonic, rich. Every moment of life is consequential, the phone call at work with which we stretch out and touch another human being, the drive home through the community, the “Hi” at the threshold — every second worthy!

The next event is always the next moment, and the present moment is always the next event arrived at the doorstep.

Therefore, wise ones, banish in between! Don’t think about tomorrow, because tomorrow has no thought for itself. Declare love to the present, embrace the now, kiss the instant, revel in the second, praise the nanosecond!

There is no time like this time!

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