“I just wanted to give a little advice to help her.”

“Yeah, I bet that didn’t work.”

“No it didn’t; it blew up in my face, the little advice.”

“Why was that?”

“She didn’t want it.”

Of course she didn’t. It was something from the head, but the matter, it was something in her heart. It makes me want to go fishing, catch something, drag it to shore and feed the world with it. You can’t heal a heart with just a head. It’s like asking a bandaide to heal a cancer.

The mind can be a shallow thing, full of opinions, biases, judgments and stunning limitations. The heart is a deeper thing, full of will, personality, experience, dream, hurt, emotion, identity, desire, hate and love. The heart has a depth that the mind cannot fathom.  An idea won’t heal a heart. A rule  won’t heal a relationship. Deep calls to deep, experience calls to experience, brokeness cries out and clutches brokeness, weakness reaches out and gently touch weakness.

“Try saying, and trying feeling it as you are saying it, something like, ‘I’m so sorry you are hurting so badly.'” And maybe give up, thinking one talk, one time, and one little piece of ‘wise’  advice will do it.”

I wonder, could we learn to better sit with each other, for a while, for as long as it takes, and listen and really understand the best we can, and really “get it” and so find our way back to each other’s broken hearts?

We might; if we let heart cry out to heart.


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