This website exists to help you thrive! It is here to help you to be the best you can be at being who you were meant to be.  And it goes one good step further: It aims to help you make the thrilling leap into living in such a way that you make the world better for other people.

Thriving is exciting; it means going beyond just surviving, just getting by. It means becoming capable of  creating and experiencing honest love, radical  justice, intense beauty and a vivifying relationship with God. The articles here offer a hint at that, sometimes a model of what that looks like.

To help you navigate the site, note that one page is called,  “Reading.”  Here you can discover some fascinating books about other people who are thriving. Many are adventure stories. Thriving means living life as an adventure.  One page is called, “culled.” In this web-corner, you will find excerpts of fine thinking from fine writers. There is a page called “unplugged.”  This page presents Randall’s axioms, proverbs, straight shots of insight presented in short, aphoristic form. Thriving often begins as we experience small, catalytic epiphanies,  personal moments of truth. You’ll find more of these at  “Modern Thought Proverbs,” www.modernproverbs.net

Finally, you may be interested in Randall’s  memoirs, his  hyperattentive personal narratives.  These pieces are written to explore some of the universal themes of life by diving into bits and pieces of  personal memoir.  “Fur” will help you explore your relationship with pets, “Wheels” with cars, “Plantae” with plants. Clink on the link to see them all. They are collected at  http://www.randyhaspermemoirs.wordpress.com/

To find other articles that you may be intereted in, check out the right sidebar where they are organized under the heading, “Topics. ”

To follow Randall on Twitter and get short, encouraging texts on your phone, go to his Twitter site, found under “Links” and sign up to follow him.

All of the proverbs, stories and essays that you find here were written by  Randall Hasper,  a thinker, writer, teacher and pastor. All of the articles on this site are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission from Randall Craig Hasper.

Randall has an MA in Literature  from the University of California San Diego, a BA in English  from San Diego State University as well as a  certificate in linguistics and a teaching credential. He is also an ordained pastor.

He has taught at high schools and colleges in California, has been a leader and a shepherd of  several churches, has traveled widely and published articles on leadership, relationships and nature in various journals and newspapers.

You are welcome to  blog a response to any of the articles posted on this site.

  1. Dayne says:

    Randy, I am struck by many of your thoughts here – about scraping paint with a razor blade, or scraping away our facades, our false selves with the gentle, searing breath of the spirit. Life events cause me to pause and consider my path, what I have accomplished, what I am doing now, what God has in store. Your call today was like that for me – to pause in the midst of a serious life change and consider what I am doing right now. Like the still small voice insistently asking, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” Right question, right timing, I’m just not sure of the answer just yet. On one level, it’s easy. It’s the daily activity I’m involved in. Preparing to teach, buying a house. On a deeper level, it’s not so clear. As you note above, discipline is a hundred, a thousand decisions, made daily, sometimes minute by minute. But it’s easy for discipline to take over, and we make those decisions without really thinking about them, without really seeing where we’re going, or what we’re doing. And it’s possible for us to blunder into a catastrophe simply because we keep moving in one direction without seeing where we’re going. Thanks for motivating my thoughts in this direction.

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