Posted: August 12, 2008 in difficulty
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Experience is one of the great gifts of life, if we we grab on to the value that we can take from it.  We can experience life and carry it into the future with us when we see what it gives us.

I kayaked today and took away a soothing rhythm of arms moving.  I claimed the value of simple motion, of the ability to move, to glide through water, to feel progress forward.  What simple thing did you do today? What did you take from it?

I cared for my disabled daughter today. She asked me, “Why do people make fun of people with disabilities?”

 “People make fun of everything,” I told her, “but they especially make fun of what they haven’t experienced.”

I prayed for her at bedtime and told her, “No matter what happens I want you to know that God holds you up with his strong right hand.”

“What does he do with his left hand?” she asked. “Holds other people up,” I said.

We can only possess what we experience. What are you experiencing? What are you carrying away from it into tomorrow?

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