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“This is really good for you!” she said brightly, and then she squatted down, pulled open the glass door of the cold case and pulled out a bottle.”

I didn’t see what it was, but she was so sure, so confident, so convivial that right there in the aisle of the store  my hypothalamus brightened and the neurons involved in the homeostatic regulation of feeding lit up.

Eating behavior — it’s critical for the acquisition of energy substrates and thus — and so then — what we choose matters.

At home that afternoon I made a blueberry, honey and almond milk smoothy. For dinner I grilled fish and cooked up fresh green beans. In the evening we ate popcorn.

I needed what was really good for me because I have overworked lately —  and my mom died a couple of weeks ago — and my daughter is getting married in May, and I am selling the home I live in over the summer, and then after all that I am moving into and renovating another home I own.

Here at the beginning of what looks to be a fairly high-stress year — a year that could raddle and fray me — I am inspired to do what is really good for me. What is really good for me is hanging our with my super-wife, my lovely daughters and my good friends. What is good for me is napping with cats. What’s good for me is quite a bit of writing and reading, the kind that helps me better understand the tragio-amazic world we live in. What’s good for me is working hard. What’s good for me is resting hard —  and reflecting.

Thoughtful quiescence — that’s good for me. That is actually close to my best elixir, my mental ambrosia.

Thinking and brooding while writing — that is my primio-medico, my superlio-therapatico. It is my reviviscence. It is my that-that that zhooshes me up and zhashes me out. Writing is my delicious, soothing, healing blueberry smoothy.

What about you?

What’s good for you?

How about if you do that?