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“Have you even lived on your own?” I asked.

“Not really,” she replied. “Even last year, when I moved out, I kept going back over to his house, even though I knew he didn’t really love me. He said he did, but I know he didn’t.”

I turned her words over in my mind, like stones, looking at each side of each of them.”

“Perhaps it would be good,” I suggested, “for you to figure out your core, to become a strong independent woman, with known boundaries,” before you go back into any close relationships.”

“I think it would,” she said.


I pushed the camera down in tall grass, pointed it up into the sunlit blades, and snapped a shot, blind.

Then I extracted the camera from the grassy mess, flipped on the LCD screen and peered into the shiny glass.  

Thatched, crossed, beautifully sunlit blades — captured in detail was a pure ribbed and vaulted glory.


I pulled off the cover and glanced down at the tops of the valves, damp and webby and spidery. The manifold linked the valves together and then sent three-quarter inch pipes plunging into the ground. It didn’t make complete sence. I sat down on the low wall and looked harder. The one inch pipe was the supply line, the three-quarter inch  pipes fed each zone. Looking more closely, I could see that some of the pipes on the manifold were threaded. Then I knew. This beast could be screwed apart and another valve easily added.  By means of a few intricacies, I could yet turn my backyard into Eden.


I’ve noticed of late that both the beauty and the way forward are often found right in front of us, within the peculiarity of the details.