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Normal is a miracle!

You know that when you don’t have it.

Today I talked to my brother on the phone. He has multiple-myeloma, a form of cancer. He is taking twenty medications — or so. That’s not normal.

His doctor asked him if one of his pain medication was working.

“How would I know?” he mused. He has three medications that he takes for his pain.

Today I talked to a friend who is in the hospital for three weeks, waiting for her baby to be born. Her water broke a few weeks ago. At thirty-four weeks, next week, they’ll induce her.

She’s waiting, for normal, for home, for nights not in the hospital, for food you get out of the refrigerator and make yourself. She is waiting to take her baby home. That’s normal, and good, for her and her husband.

This week I came down with a killer flu-cold! Brutal! Knocked me out for two days. I’m just blinking now, at the sunlight, “What the heck just happened to me?” thinking about just getting back to ordinary, beautiful, everyday normal — breathing!

We overrate the big deal, the miracle, the win, the triumph, the conquest, the lottery, the promotion, domination, the big kahuna.

For most men, just keeping their zippers up is a win. For most women just liking themselves for a day is a win.

Ordinary morals, ordinary self-love, the ordinary paying of the bills, an ordinary dinner that you make after work, an ordinary breath, an ordinary day where you can leave your house, an ordinary day when you are not locked up in a hospital room, an ordinary day where you aren’t on twenty medications — ordinary is extraordinary!