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I love the work of Marc Chagall, his lovers floating through the sky.

Marc Chagall was a Russian-French 20th Century artist. He painted in the Jewish artistic tradition. I resonate with his bright colors and magical scenes.

He was influenced by surrealism, later by cubism. I’m enchanted by his people and animals, floating through the air, beautiful symbols of the romantic, magical and mystical in life.

His early paintings were of the Russian villages he grew up in.

Later he moved to Paris and was influenced by cubism. He expanded into stained glass and stage sets. He also did etchings of scenes in the Bible.

The painting above, “I and the Village,” is one of my favorites. “The flowing, merging life of animals and people, town and field, faith and mystery. Eye to eye, a green face, an intelligent animal, a glowing, flowering branch — I’m enchanted.

In the painting below, again we the magic mix, girl and window, field, sky and flower so tastefully juxtaposed — such wonderful colors.

Oh life!

Oh Chagall.

Thank you!