God Come Close

Posted: August 6, 2020 in god
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You aren’t silver waterfall, orange nasturtium flower, swirling white hot galaxy although you made them.

You aren’t holy writ, “In the beginning,” or “God is love,” although such words reveal you.

You aren’t proposition, belief set, thought system, explanation “God is omnipresent,” although these may make some sense of you.

You aren’t St Peter’s cathedral, Norte Dame, Jerusalem, Olive Garden, local church although we may go to such places in search of you.

You aren’t the humans around us, family, friend, some one we help although they embody and represent you.

You aren’t our emotions, peace or grief or joy or longing that we feel when we hear or sing a worship song, attend a mass, hear a sermon, but our emotions are a response to you.

You aren’t our possessions, room, house, container, clothes although all good things come from you.

You aren’t art, image, statue, pieta, painting although those may crudely point to you.

You are you, the you of you, the you of the very you within the essence of the very you, none other, nothing less than who you are, existing with no baggage we might try to tack on to you, yourself, uncluttered, pure, the nonpareil God-self.

In this season of whole-world aloneness we are lonely for you God.

Greet us yourself by our first names, know us to our cores.

Enter our work places, homes, apartments, rooms, camps, tents, prisons, shacks, waste places, good places, places of injustice, places of truth, places of ignorance, places of suffering, places of good.

Sit down at our small planet-perch, under our tree with us, on our square meter of dirt, our present-tensed positioned place, our suffering zone, or our semi-safe zone, and eat with us, feed us, give us that living water you alone possess.

Reach across the air-divide and touch us with the hand only you possess, bend near and hug us, stay, arm around us, head against ours and indwell us as yourself.

  1. mbdifley says:

    Thanks, Randy, I needed that today and I suspect you did too. Continue to pray for you and your your pain. God, show Yourself to Randy through your healing touch. Blessings, MB & B

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  2. Beth Eldridge says:

    Yes, please.

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