The Good Within the Ever-Persistent Good!

Posted: May 29, 2017 in redemption
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I’m grateful.

Brains may default, choices may go rogue, ethics may atrophy, protective labels be ripped off, relationships come unmoored, hard surfaces crack, beautiful floorings stains — muck and yuck and lots of cluck — and yet …

After deformation, deterioration, defamation and detonation —  your basic buck and duck and chuck the muck  —  extraordinarily, new options may sprout, miraculous opportunities recrudesce, redemptive chances break through and the good within the good of the persistent good pop it’s beauteous head back up to the surface like a gorgeous baby Hippo surfacing in a becalmed African river.

Last week, on Saturday,  I watched my 89 year old mom cut her 70th wedding anniversary carrot cake while my little nieces Ruby and Rose chased each other through my brother’s house screaming, while one of my brothers sat and sweet-confabulated with my wife, while my lovely daughter and her boyfriend hung out laughing in the backyard with my nephew and his wife.

Last week at The REFINERY Church — the place I love and care for and have worked so very hard to esteem and redeem —  I watched new white base boards go into the youth room, new warm-yellow, mason jar, Edison bulb lights go up on the youth stage, a pretty new wood and glass door being placed into the opening between the courtyard and the Gallery and new lavender trumpet vines being planted on the big trellises framing the classroom building.

Good — all good, all positive, curative, redemptive good — for everyone who goes there, ever will go there or who still watches from afar — or up close.

Next Saturday I’ll go to a very fun, super-dooper-trooper, post-emptive-redemptive and ultra-moltra-resultra wedding in the new REFINERY Church courtyard. Two-hundred or so of my friends, neighbors and fellow congregants will be there. We will snoot, hoot, and root-the-reboot —  together!

It will be the good within the good of the pre-existent, mid-resistant ever-persistent good.

I am so grateful!

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