You can never really have enough of what you don’t really want.

Yesterday we lollygagged and casu-shuffled through Louis IV’s chateau at Versailles. It was exhausting, just trying to see part of it, just trying to comprehend that kind of over-the-top-of-the-top, squared-off pile of stone, wood and velvet luxurification. 

Did Louis really want all that — that many rooms, that many stairs, that many painted ceilings, that many mirrors, that long of a garden, that many people to back up his that-many indulgences — 10,000? 
He may have. Apparently he convinced himself and many others to pretend that he was sunshine. 
But maybe, just maybe — not sure — Louis just wanted to be loved, wanted the sanguine apricity of the court, and it was his mother who duped him in to thinking that he wanted to be obeyed, over-indulged and glorified.

Wow, glorified? How would you live with yourself, fragile and human — yet Mars, and Apollo? 
Those who cultivate worship, or even settle for mere obsequiousness may really — beyond their overly-conditioned and underly-personalized level of ankle-deep consciousness — actually be craving for even just a splash of radiant sincerity. 


But the opposite may be true too. 

You may never really be able to have enough of what you really want either, even if it is simple, basic, early-morning, in-your-heart kind of stuff. It’s raining in Paris. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, no sunshine, lots of love, from my wife, my friends, my people back home. I really wanted a good coffee this morning. I got it, as ordered, an extra shot in my latte. It’s epidemic with me, with all of us. We want more caffeine — and more love. We all do, we always do. 

But at some point the caffeine stops adding energy, the checked-off world destinations stop adding cultural texture, and the love stops adding value — because we already have value.  More? Want it or not — perhaps it just adds to our anxiety. 


  1. says:

    Hi Randy !

    I hope all is well ! I enjoy reading your blogs ! I was wondering if you would be interested in marrying my fiancé & I on June 17th? My mom called the Refinery and shared that you were out of the country until May 17th. I thought I would email you and see if it would reach you!

    Enjoy Paris! It sounded quite over the top !

    Katie Deane, Ed.S., M.A. Educational Psychologist (619) 484-1860

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  2. Marilynn Calderon says:

    Greetings wanderers. From two cats and peoples who await all the stories , pictures and observations We are sitting in rain also. It has been a good week. Forged in Fire is killer. Sunday after church and lunch with Elizabeth we are going to Aaron’s (Baker) to see japanese swords and knife made of damascas steel!

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