Don’t Forget To Run

Posted: July 6, 2016 in fun
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I looked out the window at Starbucks and saw them go past, running, one after the other. The big one was first, then the little one. They were laughing as they went along — to nowhere.

The little one had her arms around her waist — which is not efficient or conducive to either staying upright or going fast — but of course she wasn’t thinking about that. Winding around the patio tables and chairs the girls did a circle and then did one again.

Same hair color, same skin color, about a year apart, apparently they were sisters at play. Then mom appeared in my window — looking just like a grownup them — and hovered at the edge of the circuit, protectively, watching over them carefully. No one elses was on the patio. Mom allowed it.

Adults are about going places, acting according to protocol, getting things done. They go Starbucks to get coffee; they sit in the chairs provided; they go to the gym to run. Adults are about doing expected things at expected times in socially acceptable ways — acceptably. They control their impulses, they follow script. Mostly the rest of are glad about this.

Little children — they often do things because they want to when they want to because they feel like it at the moment. They run, on the Starbucks’ patio, and their watchful adults are there with them, teaching them the rules of living — be respectful, be appropriate, be safe, stay calm mostly, like us, unless nobody is around.

We have something to relearn from the children — when our own moms aren’t hovering at the edge of our minds — so that we don’t become too predictable, too restrained, too safe, too appropriate, too uptight, too unfun?

Pleasure, spontaneity, a good time, a wry remark, an impulsive dance or kiss or laugh   — this may be enjoyed in the most ordinary places, with just a little lack of restraint.

Perhaps, maybe, possibly — the next time you just feel like it — run!

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