Do we think, feel or act our way to practical solutions?

All of the above. We do well to throw the whole armamentarium of solutions at any problems we encounter, but lately I’ve noticed that you can’t much beat thinking, then taking action.

This morning I set about moving a couple of electrical plug a few inches — out of our bathroom backsplash and onto the wall — to make way for a new backsplash and countertop. It was harder than I expected. Working inside the drywall with very little room to navigate, I ran into a problem.

In both of the new electrical boxes that I was anchoring in, the ground wires were too short to reach the new location. They hovered stubbornly at the back of the boxes.  I tried wire nuts to create extensions, but they didn’t hold the three wires firmly enough to inspire my confidence. I imagined someone getting fried years from now — my ineptitude, my fault!

Momentarily confuzzled, I did some thinking; I needed a better way to extend the ground wires, a better way to protect the future, so I went to Lowe’s for something to crimp them together — or whatever.

I was helped by a knowledgable staff person and with his advice bought some plug-in wire connectors — very snazzy, little high-techy things you just push the wires into. Using them to connect the ground wires and add length, I was able to finish the job perfectly. No chance these wires will pull apart.

Neuroplastic solutions, discoverable solutions, good solutions — these are almost always at hand for those who think, take action, perhaps go for help, figure it out.



Within that ever-expanding ambit that rounds the temples of the indefatigable head-scratcher, lies the gorgeously available soluble.

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