I turn the heat down, just a smidge, to avoid any crispy from forming along the edges.

I add another 15 seconds to the microwave so that the syrup will be hot on the plate.

Another 20 seconds more for the wafffle in the toaster.

Add the salt and pepper to the eggs, at the last moment throw in just enough crumbled bacon in to taste, not enough for a heart attack.

Put the pieces together — crispy waffle, hot buttery syrup, perfectly soft eggs and bacon.

I move to the couch, my dark red plate in hand, find a comfy corner, put a couch pillow on my lap, put the plate on the pillow, eight inches from my mouth, my fresh, cold drink one foot away.

I’m ready.

I cut the waffle, stir it in the syrup, put a piece of egg and bacon on top, put it in my mouth. Ahhhh, the mix! The crunchy, soft, savory, salty, sweet combination — perfect!

Good arises out of good.

Good things come from good processes.

Good processes take planned steps, take time — require waiting, require patience, create anticipation, create beauty, create good reality.

This week, friends and I will muck about in the church garden. We will be pulling out old plants, laying down new irrigation pipe, putting in new water valves, spreading wood chips, planting flowers.

Steps, pieces, processes — these are to be enjoyed, savored and loved. To take the time, to put something together carefully, to prepare assiduously, to grace reality with order, to sit back, to settle in, to take the first bite, to see, taste, smell, feel and hear beauty — this is what the good life is all about.

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