Amazing is your presence — after your absence.

This week NASA showed us close up images of Pluto — astonishing! I’m in love. The high ice mountains — incredible!

Last night my wife came home from a archivist conference that had her away from home for three weeks. She spent the evening unpacking, singing and humming, sitting and catching up,  surrounded by her family and her cats. This is more astonishing than Pluto.

Amazing is a presence, after an absence. It is good to come home, to Pluto, and to each other.

The cosmos is boffo ergo Io and Pluto. My wife Linda is more so.

Until recently in history, it has been rare to peek in on our solar system wonders. All hail to Galileo, Kepler, Cassini, Tombaugh.

But the rings of Saturn have been there all along.  It is not so much that they are newly astonishing as much as that we have been oldly unaware. The truth is that the extraordinary is found everywhere, in what is seen and unseen, in  a presence after an absence, in the wonder of small conveniences, in the profundity of reunions, in solar system extraordinarosities and in  the comforts of home..

Normal, ordinary, everyday, common place — these are amazing; this is known by the very sick after they recover. This is known by the traveler and by the colonizer  and by the traumatized and by the at peace. Amazing is the new normal for the newly aware. The astonishing is what is right in front of us in the gorgeously articulated super-now.

The stunning twin wonders of the body are its bright eyes. The triple gorgeousness of the person — mind, soul, body. The glory of the immediate second — that I am communicating with you.

Look up from your computer!

Behold — the amazing present!

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