“Meh” Versus “Wow!”

Posted: May 27, 2015 in transformation
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“She is an interesting person.”


“What? Really? Do we really want to let our ‘meh’ trump our ‘wow’ when there is evidence to the contrary.

“Meh,” is an exclamation expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm, as in, “Meh, I’m not impressed.” We say “meh” when we judge something as uninspiring or unexceptional. We are indicating that it doesn’t stand out.

I think we “Meh.” too  much; we “Wow!” not enough.

So many people are “Wow!” but when we stay silent about them we offer the tacit, default, ubiquitous”Meh.”

This is not what is needed, not by any of us. We all need  to be noted as specific, different, particular, unique, valuable and wonderful — because we are.

My advice to our cold and cooling world — “Meh” less, “Wow!” more. It’s encouraging, and nothing is needed quite so much in the world today as encouragement. We all need encouragement; therefore, compliment more. Stop criticism from winning.

Do you yourself need encouragement? Of course  you do! But then you can’t entirely control that, can you? Well, you can excel, and that may bring some support your way — an award — but it just as well might bring jealousy and criticalness to your door.  It is what it is with success — the crowd will “Meh”  or “Wow!” you as they will — but you can control what you give..

Do you want encouragement, then give it. Do you see within yourself the need for affirmaton; that let that inward look show you the need in everyone else too. And let this awareness motivate you to give the ever needed,  “Wow!”  to the people around you. Encourage your family and friends. Compliment strangers. Shock people with deserved affirmations.

It’s too cold in here, let’s warm up the place.

Defeat “Meh,” pomote, “Wow!”

  1. Pat Graham says:

    I agree with you completely! So many times we let the moment pass when we should be complimenting or encouraging someone.

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