Life can be a bit of a slog.

I counted my calories again today on my iPhone app, MyFitnessPal. My pal allows me 1620 per day. I treasure everyone of them.

My Healthy Choice Premium fudge bars were helpful in keeping the numbers down (100 calories), and my Laughing Cow cheese came to my rescue, (35) and my popsicles (20) and all my lovely veggie friends pitched in too.

I got a few calories added back to my account by going to the gym this morning. MyPal gave me 105 for that. She’s kind of stingy.

The water heater broke this morning. Perry Plumbing wanted $1275 for a new one — installed. Yikes! I went to Lowes. They wanted $1025 to put in a new one; so I bought one myself for $529, stuffed it in the back of my Juke, and brought it home. A plumber friend agreed to put it in tomorrow for $200. Cool!

It’s interesting how it goes along.

I have three pounds to go to reach my weight goal, and I have a few hundred dollars to go to restore the amount spent out of my savings.

Slog, slog slog; choose, choose, choose; lose, lose, lose; restore, restore, restore and you kind of get there.

I watched the cross country skiers at the Olympics recently. They plod, slog, plough, and thump along a lot, and they pound through the snow up hill for a long time. It’s a lot of the same thing, over and over.

And that is pretty much the way most of reality gets along, time and space and the whole merry continuum — hopping along one nanosecond after another, one fresh birthed star after another and one dandelion seed after another too.

By just this kind of cosmic stuttering, this rampantly boring echoing, this gonging metronomic inanity — the world gets on down the road.

And so do I.

By each good food choice my body is healthier. By each thing fixed at the house I don’t live in a ruin. By each weight lifted at the gym and each step run on the elliptical I ward off weakness and loss.

To keep going, to make healthy choices, to not spend all we make, to step, bite, lift, slide, spend, save, run and choose carefully — by just this kind of inane, brute, slogified redundancy, we live and thrive!

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