When Africa crashed into Europe, the Alps jutted up from the earth

When India crashed into Asia, 40 to 50 million years ago, the Himalayas thrust into the sky. Marine fossils came to rest on the top of Mt. Everest, at over 29,000 feet! A crash put limestone sea beds on the roof of the world.

Modern geology has discovered powerful interior forces that have shaped the earth.

Yellowstone National Park, the unique steaming, hissing spouting world like-no-other is the result of an ancient super-volcano. Looking at the current landscape, ones sees nothing left poking up that resembles a volcano. Only the bubbling remains of Old Faithful tell of the tremendous heat that once blew this landscape apart.

4,000 years worth of supercomputer simulations of weather are now revealing an association between periodic changes in stratospheric wind patterns (the polar vortex) and similar rhythmic changes in deep-sea circulation.

The sky controls the sea!

Wow and superwow!

Interestingly, it is the same inside of our souls. We are beginning to understand how the psyche is formed. Superforces have been at work.

When one human, with its massive continent of thought and emotion, collides with another individuated mass of articulated humanification, a unique personality is thrust up. We are a product of the crash with our parents. The seabed of their lives ends up in the top of our heads. We discover their fossils at our highest altitudes.

And when hot human emotions collect beneath the surface, they eventually volcano, explode, and wipe the emotional landscape flat. The geography of human personality bubbles and hisses for years after.

And that’s not all folks. When the polar vortex of culture and tradition swirl above the people, the deep sea of human behavior circulates in a similar pattern below.

Life, inside and out, is shaped by hidden forces.

Interiority expresses itself in exteriority. This is the divine, the geological and the human order of things.

What to do? Search! Putter around, check out the clues, eyeball the landscape, ask the questions no one has dared ask, observe the revealing patterns.

Do you want to understand yourself? Then you must become a scientist of your own soul. Look at the framework under your own bridge.

Only discovers, seekers, microscope carrying hikers, hungry-to-know-what-happened rock-smashers and peak climbers, may read the clues left of the surface of exterior things and figure out what happened as a result of interior things.

A small tip for all psyche searchers looking to understand themselves and others.

Interiority often explains exteriority.

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