I’m smack down, knock-you-out, beyond-the-stratosphere  impressed.

I’m astonished beyond the extreme edge of sheer, blacked-out and totally demolishing astonishment.

I’m flat-out,  heels over head, shot-into-space-to-the-edge-of-the-sun smitten.

There is no one anywhere, anytime or in any way like God!

There never has been nor ever will be anyone ever with such a flat-out, full-0n, incomparable graciousness. You and I and the rest of the universe will never meet anyone with such an over-the-top and completely loving intelligence.

God is beyond the ultimate expression of the beyond inside of the beyond of the very beyond.

God is crazy attractive. God has such a floor-you-and-pick-you-back-up charm, such a drop-dead-and-then-raise-you-from-the-dead beauty, such an ultra-extreme elegance beyond the silken edge of the finest elegance that I just cannot stop staring.

I saw this when I saw him best. It was at the moment that he approached me at my worst. I was kicked in, smashed up, beaten down and washed out. I was done. I was gone. I was finished.

And then God, the incredible God,  scooped me up, held me close. God soothed and restored me, fueled and refreshed me and set me on my feet and gave me a gentle push back into the perfect opportunity he had prepared for me.

No one will take this away from me. Not my detractors, not my enemies and not the unseeing.

God, my God, rescued me, and I can’t get over it; I won’t get over it; and nothing in the future will get me over it.

God was, is and ever will be the first-place, top drawer, premium, upscale, top-of-the-line savior of the world.

God rescued me!

I love God!

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