Posted: March 21, 2011 in beautiful
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 “We’re all just trash waiting to be thrown away! That’s all a toy is!” screams Lotso, the stuffed bear,  in  in Toy Story 3.

“You’re terrific as far as I am concerned,” Charlotte tells Wilber the pig in Charlotte’s Web.

Talking toys, spiders, and pigs —  fun, fascinating and entertaining.


How do toys and spiders come by parts, lines, and fame, in fact more fame than most humans. How do such characters enter and dominate the thinking, talking and emoting world of humans?

By means of imagination, the happy(although not always) fun-loving gift given to humans. 

Imagine it, and it lives. Imagine it and it is real, at least in our minds, and maybe in the next reality that we construct.

Perhaps, many of us have played it way to safe, mentally. Perhaps we have thought that we have had to remain safely within the boundaries of our previous thoughts, but we don’t, have to, retain such constrictions.  

We can jump, mentally, and run around the rooms of our brains and find a door and break out. We can stride, gallop, and break into a flat-out mental romp.

Through imagination can come a new invention, solution and creation. Through the imagined image we can bring a new story, poem, play, song and artwork. Clever, cute, fun, sad, touching, entertaining, fascinating, shocking, disturbing — this is the power of the imagination.

Think it out, flesh it out, and give it away. And this is not merely the privilege of writers, musicians and actors. Imagination is the gift of the scientist. And it is the gift of the mom, the housewife, the plumber and the office manager. It is the gift of anyone who wants it, who will risk it.

We all have an imagination.  We all can think of a possibility not yet thought of. We can all take off the mental restraints and fly into unthought realms to solve any problem, to animate any thought, to explore any question.


Think freely. Fly faster. See further.

 If you were to imagine something better, more fun, more healing, more constructive than you have yesterday, what would it be today?

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