you are a leader

Posted: June 12, 2010 in leadership
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The boys were throwing rocks.

One thrown rock ricocheted off the nearby trash can with  a clang and spun out over the road.

A flickering thought came to me, “This could be dangerous.’

I kept walking, and then I heard the cry, turned my head and saw the little girl crumpling into the dirt. I ran to her, and  picked her up.  Down her face ran a rivulet of blood, streaming from the gash in her forehead.

As I carried her down the road, looking for her parents, raw emotion ran over through me, “Why hadn’t I stopped the boys?’

I”m wasn’t exactly sure. “They weren’t my boys?”


Here is the way I am feeling lately; there isn’t enough leadership on the planet.

Think about it: Think about the Gaza.

Think of the number of homes being foreclosed in the US.

Think about the  BP oil disaster, BP’s response, the goverment’s response.

Think children, think the childification of poverty, the feminization of poverty.

Think about the needs in your work place, your church, your home, your community.

Think about the pain in your own family.

Most people I meet tell me, “I’m not a leader.”

I don’t buy it. It’s a con. It’s a ruse. It’s a dodge. 

A leader is anyone who sees what needs to be done and does it, who sees what needs to be said and says it, who knows what they failed to do and resolves never to do that again.

You’re not a leader?  Really now; give me a break!  Every time you open your mouth you lead! You are a model to someone.

Every time  you take action you are a leader, and every time you do not take action you are a leader too. You prevent or fail to prevent things, and you are an example.

I helped a homeless woman recently by giving her a safe place to nap, a phone to use to call for help. But I didn’t go to the second level and find her a place to live. I was leading, deciding how much I would lead, give, do, what I wouldn’t do.

I think that I am watching too much TV without doing anything about what I see on TV.

I think I am sitting too much at home when I should be over at my neighbor’s house helping.

I think I am sitting in church too much singing when the baby in the community is wailing!


I’m sick of it.

Rocks are flying.

Children are walking nearby.

Somebody lead.

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