my little sister

Posted: June 5, 2010 in nature

i woke last night at 2 am

breathing audibly

heart pounding inside me

it’s my beautifully wild little sister

she’s punctured somewhere far from me

bleeding hard and i can’t reach her

if you only knew how i love her

she wears her blue green and silver dresses tight and shimmery

filling the room at every crazy bluesy party she puts on

fast and fun until she rises from her couch late and scares the hell out of all her guests

i love the things she loves

her white flyers skimming

her black and white giants leaping

her vibrantly hued darters schooling 

her long brown tresses waving

her radiant edges glowing

but now

in the night

i am angry and lonely over those who have attacked and left her there

she bleeds internally

fouling brown blood squirting into her clean pure blue

the goopy flopping things at the edges dying with her

my little sister if I could only reach you and hold you

i would heal you if I could

i’m punctured too

  1. Steve says:

    Powerful brother good job. Where do you get your pictures?

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