Fixing Up

Posted: May 13, 2010 in beautiful
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“Let’s  fix up!”

“Why? So we can impress other people?”

“Nope! That’s not the motivation at all.  Come on, let’s get started.”

“I think I’ll pass.”


“Actually, I don’t care what the place looks like. It’s old. It is what it is. And I definitely don’t care anymore what I look like. Look at me. What’s the use. I’ll never look good.”

 “It sounds like you’ve given up.”

“No, I just don’t care about appearances. That’s not important to me anymore.”

“But it is important to you.”


“I think the disarray you are have fallen into is demotivating you and limiting you.”


“Well, if you let the body you live in and the places you reside in fall into disrepair and messy neglect, then you are becoming very passive about being influential. You and your body are missing opportunities to inspire yourself and other people!”

“But you don’t get it. I don’t have anything to inspire others with.”

 “I respectfully  disagree. Any time a person, no matter their age or state, brings improvement to themselves or their surroundings, that’s inspiring!  Remodels, repairs, remakes, fixing up — these are highly encouraging to the people who do them and the people who see them.”

“I’m tired.”

“A vision for renewal would energize you!”

“I like a mess.”

“I think that the disorder outside of you is creating feelings of disorder and paralysis inside of you.”

“You’re a neat freak.”

“It’s not about neatness. A new flower garden doesn’t have to be planted in rows. A personal hair style doesn’t have to be hair in a bun. A painted wall doesn’t have to be all one color. A remodeled church doesn’t have to look sterile.”

“Leave me alone.”

“Listen — dirty and broken and neglected is not acceptable. It’s giving up. For God sake, look around you! This all shouts, fix me up. Bring me back. Give me new life. Repurpose me!”

“Are you done.”

“No, but you might be.”

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