One of Life’s Tough Questions

Posted: January 17, 2008 in difficulty

In the 90’s, K.D. Lang sang : “Craving, constant craving.” They got it right. Most of us crave stuff, love, something. What do you crave?

What do you want?  How do you get what you want? The truth, of course, is that we don’t get everything we want.  Even the “Rolling Stones” knew that.

The truth is, of course, that it is not even good for a person to get everything they want. Disappointment can shape us to understand other people, loss and pain can give us the  opportunity to learn and adapt and experience new things.

Question: Do you think God cares about what people want? Do you think he cares when when people don’t get what they want, when they suffer disappointment, loss, pain, stigma? Read the next article, “Pain Gain” and tell me what you think.

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